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National Tracking Poll Roundup

Today’s tracking polls show more a mixed bag than yesterday in terms of movement favoring Bush or Kerry–which is the typical pattern, as Alan Abramowitz has noted. (You can find all the relevant data and links at NowChannel.com.)
Here are today’s results:
WaPo LV: 48-48 tie, from 49-48 Bush yesterday
WaPo RV: 48-47 Kerry, unchanged from 48-47 Kerry yesterday
Fox 3way LV: 46-46 tie, from 47-45 Bush yesterday
Fox 3way RV: 47-45 Kerry, from 46-46 tie yesterday
Zogby: 48-48 tie from 47-46 Kerry lead yesterday
Rasmussen: 48.1-47.1 Bush, from 47.9-47.1 Bush yesterday
TIPP 3way LV: 48-43 Bush, from 46-44 Bush yesterday
Note: over last two days, WaPo and Fox have moved steadily toward Kerry; TIPP steadily toward Bush.
Note: Today’s WaPo RV result makes 6 out of 7 days that Kerry has been ahead in their RV sample.
Note: At this stage of the election in 2000, Bush was ahead of Gore by 2 points in the Zogby tracking poll, by 4 points in the ABC/WP tracking poll and by 9 points in the TIPP tracking poll.
Note: All the polls, save TIPP, imply something very close to a dead heat. Chris Bowers of MyDD has a good analysis today of how such a result, if correct, fundamentally favors Kerry.

3 comments on “National Tracking Poll Roundup

  1. Jack Burnell on

    I hope the democrats spend the last day on the attack.
    They have really seemed defensive ever since the tape came out.

  2. Mady on

    CBS poll tonight Bush 49, Kerry 46 which is not so alarming, but among those who have voted already, broken down 1/3 each D, R, I, 51 Bush, 43 Kerry. That can’t be good news. Doesn’t that mean independents are breaking for Bush?


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