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It’s a Beautiful Thing

….to look at all the basic results from all the debates all in one place. Kos thoughtfully organized these data and posted them over at the Daily Kos but I couldn’t resist putting them up here as well. So, feast your eyes on these numbers–as the data show, Kerry won every single poll after all three debates and consistently did even better among uncommitted voters and independents. That’s got to put a spring in your step as we move into the last weeks of the campaign.

Debate 1
ABC: Kerry won 45-36
CBS, uncommitted voters: Kerry won 44-26.
CNN/USA Today Gallup: Kerry won 53-37, 60-29 among independents
Democracy Corps: Kerry won 45-32
ARG: Kerry won 51-41
Debate 2
ABC: Kerry wins 44-41
CNN/USA Today Gallup: Kerry wins 47-45
Democracy Corps: Kerry wins 45-37
Debate 3
CBS, undecideds: Kerry wins 39-25. Before the debate, 29% said Kerry had clear positions on the issues, after, that number doubled to 60%.
ABC: Kerry won 42%-41% in a poll that surveyed 8% more Republicans than Democrats. Independent voters thought Kerry won, 42-35
CNN/USA Today Gallup: Kerry wins 52-39. Among independents, Kerry won 54-34.
Democracy Corps: Kerry wins 41-36.

Great stuff, huh? On to November.

3 comments on “It’s a Beautiful Thing

  1. tim kaastad on

    i agree roy about msnbc panel propping up bush in their post debate discusisons.
    even ron brownstein was traingulated into commenting on the “lesbain” comment , only i noticed he tried hard to move off that subject.
    as much as that comment has ignited a firestorm, i also belive it was a very calcutated comment from kerry.
    could it be that k/e knew that b/c would be consummed with this commnet and spend valueable days arguing a point that dems and swings could care less about? now that would be a work of pure politcal artistry.

  2. standa on

    Poll reveals world anger at Bush with Eight out of 10 countries favouring Kerry for president
    Friday October 15, 2004
    The poll, conducted by 10 of the world’s leading newspapers, including France’s Le Monde, Japan’s Asahi Shimbun, Canada’s La Presse, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Guardian, also shows that on balance world opinion does not believe that the war in Iraq has made a positive contribution to the fight against terror.
    The results show that in Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Japan, Spain and South Korea a majority of voters share a rejection of the Iraq invasion, contempt for the Bush administration, a growing hostility to the US and a not-too-strong endorsement of Mr Kerry. But they all make a clear distinction between this kind of anti-Americanism and expressing a dislike of American people. On average 68% of those polled say they have a favourable opinion of Americans.
    The 10-country poll suggests that rarely has an American administration faced such isolation and lack of public support amongst its closest allies.
    The only exceptions to this trend are the Israelis – who back Bush 2-1 over Kerry and see the US as their security umbrella – and the Russians who, despite their traditional anti-Americanism, recorded unexpectedly favourable attitudes towards the US in the survey conducted in the immediate aftermath of the Beslan tragedy.

  3. Roy on

    What impressed me even more was the polls at the MS-NBC site after each debate, which the site kept open for 24 hours following the debate. After every debate, Kerry came out the winner by a 60%-40% or better record. What was also very interesting was that after the first debate, about a million people voted online. After the second debate, about 1.7 million people voted, and after the third debate, some 2.23 million (and still counting) people voted online. What is also very impressive is that this voting has come in the face of the MS-NBC “panel” that (except for Ron Reagan) generally kept propping up Bush as much as they could, while downplaying Kerry. This, to me is very compelling. For the polls after the third debate, see the link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3096434/&&CM=domain&CE=tv


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