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Are Catholics Shifting to Kerry?

As Steve Waldman explains in a beliefnet.com article, there’s evidence in a new Pew Poll that Catholic voters–for whom Karl Rove lusts like the faithful lust for righteousness–may be shifting towards their co-religionist John Kerry, despite, or perhaps even because, of the highly visible efforts of some conservative bishops to instruct otherwise.
Here at NewDonkey, of course, I’d like to think my recent analysis of George W. Bush’s heretical leanings is responsible for the shift. But that would be an example of what beneficiaries of a solid Catholic education surely recognize as a post hoc ergo propter hoc (“after this, therefore because of this”) logical fallacy, similar to the error in reasoning made by those who credit the President’s foreign policies for the failure of al Qaeda to strike the United States since 9/11.
As for the theory that Catholics are returning to the party of the earlier JFK, we’ll know on November 2, when the votes are in and res ipsa loquitur (the facts will speak for themselves).

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