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Welcome to the New Donkey!

I just wanted to urge everyone to point their browsers to the just-started “unofficial” DLC blog, NewDonkey, written by my good friend, Ed Kilgore, one of the most astute political analysts around. His blog is invariably well-written and full of valuable insight (his coverage of the Republican convention has been particularly good). So visit often. You’ll be glad you did.

3 comments on “Welcome to the New Donkey!

  1. Gabby Hayes on

    Hey! Don’t be knocking the DLC.
    Don’t even say it.
    We have an election to win, and don’t get the DLC confused with the RNC. It was designed to give people like Clinton their chance, and it did. It produced Clinton and Gore.
    Ideologues are who put Bush in the White House.
    I’m a Democrat. We take everybody who isn’t a Republican, and we’ll take them, too, if they’ll repent.

  2. tatere on

    I’m sure that you appreciate his help with complete sentences and coherent thoughts, too. Just what we need – another connected-up smug voice from the DLC. Neat.


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