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NC Trending Purple?

In a poll of NC LV’s taken by Survey USA for WBTV-TV Charlotte and WTVD-TV
Raleigh Durham Sept. 6-8, Bush leads Kerry 50-46 percent( moe 4.2 percent ).

3 comments on “NC Trending Purple?

  1. real on

    I live in North Carolina…….Kerry will win here.
    I live in one of the most conservative towns in america…Hendersonville….there is a church on every street corner…come here and see for yourself.
    All I can say is all the “patriotic ferver” over 9/11 has vanished. Bush is not as near as popular as he was 2 years ago.
    Kerry will win North Carolina.

  2. Gaines T on

    Other polls taken in the last two months have shown this kind of narrow margin. It’s definitely winnable for Kerry, and the campaign states to us in e-mails that they HAVE targeted this state as a battleground. They are sending us humdreds of more yard signs, bumper stickers and buttons, and are working with local coranizers on call lists. They have ben making major TV ad buys here, too. We at least have a good shot here!

  3. thecreature on

    Well, given that more and more of NC’s population is centered around Democrat-leaning Raleigh-Durham and centrist Charlotte and Greensboro, it was really only a matter of time before the Democrats began to make a comeback. Most of the people in those cities aren’t originally from the South, and tend to identify the Republicans with the religious right, which it actively courts in almost every southern state. Combine these urban-suburban Democrats with the black vote in the eastern lowlands, and you have at least the potential for Democrat victory.


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