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Kerry 48%, Bush 46% in New ARG poll

John Kerry receives 48% and George W. Bush 46% in a new American Research Group survey of registered voters conducted Aug. 30-Sept 1. The poll also shows Kerry with a 5% lead among independents.

12 comments on “Kerry 48%, Bush 46% in New ARG poll

  1. J on

    This is no time for despair. KERRY IN A LANDSLIDE. The poll showing Bush ahead is an outlier.
    It is the democratic party that represents the views of the vast majority of Americans. The delusional are going to vote for Bush, but I think most Americans aren’t that insane.
    Like I said, KERRY IN A LANDSLIDE, and then W will GO HOME!

  2. standa on

    The GOP convention ….I think I figured out the formula:
    John Kerry sucks
    John Kerry is a flip-flopper
    Terrorism ….Bush keynote
    The war party peddles in fear, because that’s all they have left to sell.
    After 4 yrs Bush is still all HAT no CATTLE…
    with his abysmal record on the US economy.
    with his abysmal record on the jobs
    with his abysmal record on healthcare
    with his abysmal record on the environment
    etc.etc. etc.
    Net Net: George W. Bush is a “FAILURE”
    Kerry Hits Back
    NEWARK, Ohio – In a scathing attack, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry accused Republicans of hiding President Bush’s “record of failure” behind insults and promised a new direction for the country under a Kerry-Edwards administration.
    Now the debate will turn more to REAL issues like the economy, jobs, healthcare, environment and Kerry/Edwards are going to pummel the daylights out of Bush/Cheney.
    George W. Bush: “FAILURE” is a simple, very clear, and true message that most American voters will “Get”
    Kerry/Edwards are going to win !

  3. Steve Cohen on

    So what kind of bounce do we think the Repubs will get from their convention. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict a negative bounce of 1-2% based on the Miller fiasco of last night.

  4. Mimiru on

    Ruy, post in the damn comments for once.
    Anyhow, when do we start counting LVs and not RVs? Why did the lead in independants shrinks o much?

  5. Bel on

    Apparently, there were a number of security breeches at the RNC over the past few days… If they cant secure their own convention, how on earth are they going to secure the entire nation?
    Maybe Brian has a response to this. My passing thru the GOP blogs notes that they gloss over this failure and simply wish the pres. a safe delivery tonight. hmm

  6. Aexia on

    August was bound to be a bad month for Kerry. He had to hoard his money and Bush got to spend the rest of his warchest. That we’re still even with Bush should be cause for celebration.
    Campaigns are marathons and the last leg begins tonight. Fortuantely, Kerry’s a great closer.

  7. Mencken on

    excellent news. and I agree that the handringing and teeth-nashing of fairweather democrats over kerry’s chances are excessive.
    but it still doesn’t change the fact that kerry campaign did a lackluster job in august, particularly as concerns the swift boat vets for BS. nor does it justifiably mute critics of the campaign.
    the facts speak clearly for themselves: the GOP is better at running elections. the issue for me and other dems is that the democratic party needs to be better organized, better disciplined about staying on message, and better about packaging campaign positions in palatable soundbites.
    decry the vapidity of the american voter all you want (and we can be stone-cold dolts), but it doesn’t change what kerry needs to do to win.

  8. kateNC on

    What about the latest Economist poll? I see it and the questions seem reasonable to me (I don’t know about polling). If the poll is any good, GWB is not doing very well based on trustworthiness, economy, etc.


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