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Kerry Gaining Among Independents

A poll released on August 6th by the University of Pennsylvania’s National Annenberg Election Survey concluded “Independents had already preferred Kerry over Bush on the question of who best shared their values and who was most inspiring. But a 47 to 36 percent advantage for Kerry on values went to 52 and 33 percent, and a 44 to 37 percent lead on inspiration rose to 52 and 34 percent.”

3 comments on “Kerry Gaining Among Independents

  1. Bel on

    Its interesting that the GOP keeps creating some unique selling points for the DEMS… This thing about keeping closed door meetings and only allowing registered GOPs inside is really utter nonsense. Its something that the DEMS can attack from a number of fronts and win some points.
    In contrast, the DEMS have open house sessions for whoever wants to be there, including hecklers with megaphones. That too is a great selling point. The message is for all, even those who dont think they need it.
    Things are still going well for the DEM candidates.

  2. mara on

    Big crowds, and open-to-all-comers crowds. On t’other hand, Bush has only appeared at venues that are closed to all but Bush supporters. This is very telling about how scared the Repubs really are. They are deathly afraid of having demonstrators appear in front of Bush – perhaps because he might unravel, lose his temper or something…?
    I read that in Davenport, Iowa they asked people to sign a pledge of support before they were allowed in. Amazing.

  3. john on

    Iowa Electronic Markets says Kerry is still trailing (but by less).
    There are newspaper reports of big crowds in Arizona, Iowa. Big crowds in small places.
    Big crowds says something is happening, something Karl Rove should be very worried about.
    Social phenomena spread by crowds. They become mass phenomena that way. Once Kerry starts to attract that rock star momentum he will be very very hard to stop.
    It feels as if the ground is beginning to move out there.


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