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What should John Kerry do? I wrote recently on the recent jobs report and how that and other factors suggest that voters’ views of the economy are unlikely to brighten fast enough to be a net plus for Bush’s re-election efforts.
That said, the level of economic pessimism as we approach the election is highly unlikely to be as low as that Bush’s father had to struggle with. Kerry, as Louis Uchitelle pointed out in an excellent article in the Sunday New York Times, is therefore likely to have to emphasize domestic proposals like his health care plan rather than simply dwell on how bad the economy is. Uchitelle goes on to give perhaps the best and most complete summary of Kerry’s domestic program and its relation to Kerry’s macroeconomic strategy, including deficit reduction, that I have seen. Highly recommended.

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  1. democat on

    With Kerry only down by 2% in Virginia, Edwards is a great choice. Virginians up and down the state are really down on Bush and with Max Cleland leading the charge at the recent convention, Kerry has a great strategy to appeal to veterans in Virginia.
    I was shocked to find a great deal of Democratic support when I went to Roanoke a few weeks ago. Everwhere we stopped along Rt. 11 there were Democrats.
    Speaking of Congressmen, we also have a great candidate running against long-term incumbent Frank Wolf in the 10th District. James Socas is a viable candidate raising lots of money and running a great campaign.

  2. VA5thDem on

    Now we need to start concentrating on winning back congress. One place that we can win is Virginia’s 5th district, currently represented by a vulnerable fanatic, Virgil Goode (thegoodereport.com), who’s being challenged by Al Weed (alweed2004.com), a progressive veteran and farmer. The House is within our grasp, check out Al Weed!

  3. Alan Snipes on

    Edwards is a great choice. Edwards helps a little in many states simultaneously. He is a great campaigner and will take it to the enemy.

  4. Greg on

    Gephardt would’ve been the wrong choice. In this field of candidates, Edwards has the most “shine” and that virtue makes him the best underside of the ticket.

  5. Marcus Lindroos on

    > Looks like it’s Edwards
    And I think Kerry has made a fairly good choice too, after thinking about it for a while! Yes — Edwards doesn’t exactly bring a lot of military/foreign policy/antiterrorism experience to the table. But he will make a great cheerleader on the campaign trail. He is a “sunshine populist” who excites the base as well as moderates. It’s bound to be an asset as Kerry tries to define himself as a positive alternative to the current President; not merely the anti-Bush.

    Dick Gephardt would have been less risky, but I think Kerry needed to take risks and pick someone who symbolizes change and the future rather than the past.

  6. Mimiru on

    The link does work. But it’s only in the “an” portion of the highlighted phrase. “Excellent article in the Sunday New York Times” is not uncluded in the URL.


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