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Youth, Seniors, Independents and Bush

It’s interesting to note that, even with Bush’s relatively strong recent performance in horse race questions, and even with Nader thrown into the mix, Bush’s soft spots are still readily apparent in the recent Newsweek poll. The Polling Report has the demographic breaks here on this matchup.
The top line on the matchup is that, while Kerry-Bush is a dead heat in the same poll, with Nader thrown in, Bush has a 2 point lead (45-43), with Nader drawing 5. But Kerry still leads among young voters by 48-38, with Nader drawing 7, among senior voters by 18 and among independents by 8 (with Nader drawing 12!). Though the data aren’t provided, it’s reasonable to assume that Kerry’s lead over Bush is larger among all these groups with Nader not included in the matchup.

3 comments on “Youth, Seniors, Independents and Bush

  1. dave on

    LOL…Kenendy…Kerry..Liberal…stupid…Does the dnc really think most of us are that naive and stupid?..Has Your party reached so low? All your party does is preach vile…spitting…never having a solution….not a big fan of bush…but really hate your party’s next president…sorry…most of us working class americans are tired of you dems trying to make Goverment bigger by taking my taxesgo up and stating its not enough…we need more…Get out of your career on the hill or house…your abusing our system…Americans do not need your sucking of monies..just to leave you in office..ie..kennedy and other stupids…
    sincerley…dave oliver

  2. Erik on

    How about figuring out what effect Howard Stern might be having on independents and non-voters who he can and has mobilized in the past?

  3. Joe Zainea on

    Can any reasonable assumptions be made as to the location of Nader’s support? For instance, is it concentrated in California where its likely to be lost in a large Kerry plurality?


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