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Young Voters Desert Bush

DR has been arguing for quite some time that young voters are leaning Democratic this year and that the higher youth turnout is in November, the better for the Democrats. Strong supporting evidence for this view is provided by the latest Newsweek “GENext” poll of 18-29 year olds.
In this poll, Bush’s approval rating among youth is just 46 percent, down 8 points from a month ago. And the number saying they will definitely vote against Bush is up to 47 percent, a 13 points rise from last month. Moreover, in a direct Kerry-Bush matchup, young voters choose Kerry over Bush by an impressive 15 point margin (56 percent to 41 percent).
The GOP’s best bet here is that old standby youth apathy. Let’s hope they’re unpleasantly surprised this November.

3 comments on “Young Voters Desert Bush

  1. Nick on

    As a leader of the College Democrats on my school’s campus, I have seen first hand the problems faced with trying to make college students more active.
    But I’ve also seen an amazing turn around this year. We registered almost 700 people to vote in September, our meetings have tripled in size, and during yesterday’s primary voting booths on campus had about double their normal capacity. If the GOP is hoping for youth apathy, I think they may be surprised.

  2. theCoach on

    Why don’t the Democrats have a strategy of raising the number of people who vote in general by maing it much easier? The GOP fighting against these measures would look pathetic, and I am assuming with 100% participation the electoral map actually would look like the one the donkey kicks it into being on your site.

  3. Peter on

    The problem is that young Republican voters are more vocal (getting more media coverage as a result) and better-funded/better-organized. Young Democratic voters tend to be haphazard and unable to bring in new voters.
    But I think the GOP is definitely concerned. Urban Outfitters, which is a shameless GOP whore, is going to start marketing and selling T-shirts which say “VOTING’S FOR OLD PEOPLE.” I’m not kidding, they really are doing this.


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