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Youth Say: Bad Bush, No Biscuit!

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (GQR), in conjunction with internet survey firm Polimetrix, is conducting a “Youth Monitor” series of surveys of 18-25 year olds. The first survey in the series has just been released and it suggests that youth, as they showed in the 2004 election, are very much not with the Bush program.
According to the poll, youth give Bush a strongly net negative approval rating–42 percent approval,with 58 percent disapproval, for a -16 net. Even more tellingly, youth hold the following views: by 63-37, they feel the war in Iraq has not been worth the cost in US lives and dollars; by 65-33, they believe the Democrats, not the Republicans, do a better job representing the interests of young people; by 64-36, they think Bush and the Republicans “are going too far by invading peoples’ personal lives and family decisions”, rather than “are doing a good job in trying to uphold moral values and protecting families”; by 58-42, they believe we need to work harder at tolearting people who are different, particularly gays, rather than work harder at upholding traditional values and strong families; and, last but not least, by 57-43, they think that Bush has not made us safer from terrorist attack.
By these data, the Democrats should replicate their recent strong performance among young voters in 2006 and perhaps beyond.