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Economic Pessimism Continues to Grow

New Gallup data show that the public’s negative views about the economy are only becoming more negative. Here’s the lead paragraph from their report on these data:

The latest Gallup survey finds Americans to be the most pessimistic they have been in two years about where the economy is headed. Today, 61% say the economy is getting worse, while just 31% say better — a net negative 30 percentage points. That is the worst rating since early March 2003 — just prior to the beginning of the war in Iraq — when Americans gave the economy a net negative rating of 44 points, with 67% saying the economy was getting worse and only 23% saying better.

The data in the report also show that independents are particularly pessimistic about economic conditions. Among independents, 78 percent say the economic conditions are only fair or poor, compared to 68 percent among the public as a whole. And independents believe by an incredible 69-22 margin–a net negative 47 points–that the economy is getting worse rather than better.
More raw material for the “revolt of the middle“.