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Whither the Labor Movement?

As many readers of this blog are no doubt aware, the labor movement is in the process of a vigorous internal debate about its future and how to rectify the obvious weaknesses of the movement (see this article by Thomas Edsall, “AFL-CIO Chief Facing Challenges From Labor’s Left: Critics Say That Under Sweeney, Group’s Political Influence, Percentage of Workforce Have Waned” for the basic parameters and dramatis personnae of this debate).
But what you may not know is that there are a couple of places on the web where you can access the key documents in this debate and evaluate for yourself the arguments different parts of the labor movement are now making.
1. SEIU has relevant documents and proposals plus a blog on the Unite to Win part of their site.
2. The AFL-CIO site has relevant documents and proposals on the Stregthening Our Union Movement for the Future part of their site.
Definitely worth a look.