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New Annenberg Election Survey Data

The Annenberg Election Survey recently released their latest batch of data, covering June 16-30. Their theme for this release is the under-rated marriage gap–which, as they note, in some cases is larger and more significant than the more familiar gender gap.
But not in all. Careful scrutinizing of their own data reveals that the gender gap is larger than the marriage gap on some important issues (guns, right direction/wrong track, the Iraq war) and, generally speaking, married women are more liberal than married men and single women are much more liberal than single men.
But, if they don’t quite make their case about the marriage gap overwhelming the gender gap, they’re still right that the marriage gap desevers more serious attention than it generally gets.
The latest Annenberg data also show Bush’s approval rating sinking in the second half of June, wrong track going up and views that the Iraq situation wasn’t worth going to war over strengthening–all consistent with other recently-released public polls (except for that zany bunch down at Fox News, of course).