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Listen Up Democrats: Time to Think Big!

Matthew Miller, one of DR’s favorite commentators, has a new book, The 2 Percent Solution: Fixing America in Ways Liberals and Conservatives Can Love, just reviewed in The Washington Post, and an op-ed in today’s New York Times on the general themes of his book. This quote from the op-ed gives you a flavor of what he’s getting at:
“What happened to the Democratic Party’s willingness to take on the problems facing ordinary people? Since 1994, when the Clinton health care plan imploded in a fiasco that cost the party control of Congress, Democrats have been too scared to think big again. Republicans, emboldened by this timidity, have reacted by pushing harder on their traditional priorities of cutting taxes and regulations. As a result, a commitment to two longstanding American ideals —— equal opportunity and a minimally decent life for citizens of a wealthy nation —— has been lost.”
Tell it like it is, brother Miller. Matt also has a nice website you might want to visit that includes an archive of his excellent columns.