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Can John Kerry Turn It Around?

The answer provided by David Kusnet, in his excellent article of the same name in Salon.com, is an unequivocal “maybe”. Kusnet rehearses the ups and downs of the Kerry campaign and is very good on the shifting constellation of forces within his campaign. Kusnet plausibly argues that Kerry may have misunderstood, from the beginning, the anger against Bush brewing among rank-and-file Democrats. He less plausibly argues that Kerry is now getting past that misunderstanding and may finally be coming up with a compelling message after many months of drifting (it appears to have something to do with shared sacrifice, though DR can’t say he completely understands what this new message is supposed to be).
At any rate, the article convinced DR he should keep an open mind about Kerry in the months ahead. On the other hand, he still won’t be surprised to see him go down in flames fairly early.