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A Faction Fight by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

Mark Penn, the DLC’s and Joe Lieberman’s pollster, had an op-ed in The Washington Post on Sunday with the headline “Progressive Centrism“. Alert DR readers will recall that this is the phrase used in The Emerging Democratic Majority to refer to the unifying philosophy of the new Democratic coalition, of which the New Democrats are only one part.
So, is Mark Penn signing up? Unfortunately, when one reads past the headline (very possibly an editor’s idea, rather than Penn’s) it’s the same old same old. Clintonism as interpreted by Al From good. Joe Lieberman good. Gephardt and Kerry bad. Dean very bad. Only New Democrat philosophy can save party from meltdown worse than Mondale-McGovernism.
Are these things generated by computer or what? DR can only shake his muzzle sadly and hope the From-Lieberman-Penn wing of the party eventually gets tired of its relentless factional activity. But he’s not holding his breath.