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Turn Away from the Dark Side, Al and Bruce!

In yesterday’s post, DR argued that liberals and progressives don’t give the DLC enough credit, that they are fellow Democrats and, as their latest magazine abundantly illustrates, they give the Bushies–the real enemy–a very hard time.  I’ve gotta say, though, that it would be easier to defend the DLC if Al From and Bruce Reed–CEO and President, respectively, of the organization–didn’t insist on issuing periodic jermiads against The Liberal Enemy in their unending war to save the Democratic party from itself.  Their latest installment, “What We’re Fighting For” can be found here.  Lead paragraph: “Democrats are fighting again over the direction of the party.  But contrary to conventional wisdom, that’s a good thing”.  Those who say this isn’t a good thing and think this is “fighting yesterday’s wars”, according to From and Reed, are sadly mistaken.  So the fight must go on!
War yesterday.  War today.  War Tomorrow.  War forever.  Don’t these guys ever get tired of it?  They’re fond of pointing out that Americans are roughly 20 percent liberal, 30 percent conservative and 50 percent moderate.  So (can’t those liberal dopes do the math?), we can’t just rely on the liberal base.  But, Al and Bruce, if you’re fighting the Bushies, and half the Democratic party as well, doesn’t that put you (and the rest of us Democrats as well) at a disadvantage?  Can’t you do the math?  25-75 is a loser every time.
DR will have more to say about this piece in a future post.  But for now he says: let’s give this endless war thing a rest.  Turn away from the dark side, Al and Bruce, and walk in the light.  Try it; you might even like it.