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Things Are Looking Up for Democrats

That’s what the latest Gallup poll says.  Consider the following.
Democrats are now favored by 17 points over Republicans on the economy.  That’s up from a one point Democratic disadvantage in January.  The Democrats also have increased their margin on the federal budget deficit from 4 to 13 points over that same time period.  Their margins on unemployment (+19), education (+12) and, significantly, prescription drugs for older Americans (+22) remain impressive, despite Republican attempts to co-opt the latter issue.
Furthermore, while Democrats remain behind on foreign affairs, they have have shaved that deficit from 17 to 5 points.  Similarly, while still behind by 15 points on the situation with Iraq, that deficit has declined from 24 points in January.
Bush’s overall approval rating in this poll shows a 3 point decline to 59 percent over the last week and a half.  And, over that same time period, his approval rating on the economy has declined the same amount to an anemic 45 percent with 51 percent disapproval.
Finally, the poll shows Bush’s margin over an unnamed Democrat in 2004 at just 6 points (47 percent to 41 percent) among all adults and at just 4 points among registered voters (46 percent to 42 percent).
These are the kind of numbers that get ‘ole DR wiggling his ears happily!