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Now If We Only Had a Candidate……

The problem, of course, is finding the candidate to take advantage of these emerging Bush vulnerabilities.  Many Dems now like Dean, though DR, John Judis and much of the Democratic establishment remain unconvinced he can beat Bush in the general. 
TAPPED is still convinced Dean can (maybe) do it and offers a spirited critique of Judis’ position in a July 11 post.  DR’s sources tell him that Jonathan Cohn, who always has insightful things to say, is working on an article for The New Republic explaining how Dean could win the general election.  I’ll look forward to that.
And in the meantime, for something completely different, check out Frank Foer’s provocative piece in The Washington Post  today explaining how only Wesley Clark can do the job.   DR’s reaction is an unequivocal maybe.  But a Kerry-Clark ticket?  I can feel my ears wiggling….