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I Have a Dream (of Democratic Unity)

“While Democrats feud, Grover gloats”, comments Joe Conason in his June 30 column.  “Grover”, of course, is Grover Norquist, head of the Americans for Tax Reform, whose sophisticated philosophy of “cut taxes, shrink government and then drown it in the bathtub” is explained in detail in an excellent profile by Ed Kilgore in the new edition of the DLC’s magazine, Blueprint.  And Grover’s doing more than gloating about the present, he’s staking a claim on the future.  As he charmingly informed The New York Times: “The Republicans are looking at decades of dominance in the House and the Senate, and having the presidency with some regularity.  So if this year the tax cut isn’t the one we wanted–no biggie.  There’s a sense we can afford to wait.”
As Conason points out, the blistering profile by Kilgore is one of the featured articles in the DLC’s magazine.  And the rest of the magazine is chock-full of equally scathing articles about the Bush administration and its policies (the tag-line for the whole issue is “Stop, Thief!).  In fact, since Bush entered office, the DLC has, through its various outlets, produced over 260 hit-pieces on various aspects of Bush skulduggery.  Maybe it’s time progressives and liberals gave these guys a break, instead of referring to them as ”Republican lite” or ”Democrats in name only”.
Now liberals may have some disagreements with the DLC.  That’s fine (DR has a few himself).  But let’s never forget that they’re still Democrats and members of the same team.  Remember: the opposing team has that guy in the White House and people like Grover (see above).  It shouldn’t be too hard to tell the difference.