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DLC Vs. Populists, Round 1,287

Bob Borosage posted this blistering attack on the DLC in TomPaine.com on Tuesday.  Everything he said was completely predictable.  Just like everything Al From and Bruce Reed wrote in the recent issue of Blueprint (and reprised in a Wall Street Journal op-ed) was completely predictable.  And now today we have a “let’s you and him fight” article in The Washington Post with the headline “Among Democrats, The Energy Seems To Be on the Left”.  The article rounds up the usual suspects (Borosage, Reed, Will Marshall) and quotes them saying the usual things about each other.
Ho-hum.  Wake me up when these guys say anything new.  In the meantime, you might want to check out TAPPED’s excellent post on this article and the general DLC-populist dispute.  DR can only echo TAPPED’s hope that:
…this is not simply a replay of the McGovernite years, that both progressives and centrists in the party have learned a couple of lessons, and that maybe they can all get along a little better than before.
As a certain Democrat has observed in slightly different contexts: keep hope alive!