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Dean May Have Found His Voice, But Does It Matter?

Howard Dean’s been getting a lot of good press lately, based partly on the fact that he has already found his voice and seems to be the only candidate in the Democratic field that’s truly exciting anyone.  And, he has seized the coveted top spot in the Daily Kos’ cattle call rankings of the Democratic candidates. 
But could he really beat Bush, even if he did succeed in getting the Democratic nomination?  The short answer is: probably not.  While he’d do well in some states and with some groups, particularly professionals, students and the anti-war left, he’d have a lot of trouble with culturally conservative and white working voters in precisely the states Democrats need to win to beat Bush.
So, realistically, he and the Democrats would get toasted pretty badly.  My good friend and partner-in-crime, John Judis, explains it all in a crisp, well-focused article in Salon.com.