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54 Percent Say: ”I Wouldn’t Trust Him Further Than I Could Throw Him”

No, not George W. Bush (at least not yet).  Instead this truly fine poll result refers to the British public’s view of Tony Blair, reported in an article by Glenn Frankel in today’s Washington Post.  It was Blair, of course, who today told the US Congress that history will absolve him and Bush (Fidel, are you listening?) even if nothing whatsoever is ever found in the WMD department.  In short, even when we’re wrong, we’re right.
Tony, is it any wonder the British public, well, wouldn’t trust you further than they can throw you?  Sad, sad days for Mr. Blair.  For Blair-watchers, DR recommends
this article by John Lancaster in The London Review of Books, which explains how Blair wound up going off the rails on the Iraq issue, after being so sure-footed politically for so many years.