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A Day in Liberal-Land

DR spent the day at the Campaign for America’s Future “Take Back America” conference. It was both heartening and disheartening. Heartening, because there was excellent attendance and a high level of energy; disheartening because there was a dearth of new ideas and serious engagement with the strategic difficulties currently faced by Democrats and all progressives. If all that was necessary was to insist loudly on the viability of progressive ideas, we would be in pretty good shape. Unfortunately, the Bushies are a much tougher opponent and it will take a great deal more than pumping up the troops to beat them.
Wes Boyd of MovingOn was a breath of fresh air, since their internet-based organizing strategy is something new that has been genuinely effective. It’s not the answer by itself but it’s the kind of thinking and aggressive experimentation the progressive side of the spectrum needs more of. But most of the speeches were pretty much the same old same old, denouncing the usual bad guys and praising the usual good guys and causes. That’s fine, but I’m looking for more. DR wants to know how to win.
Well, perhaps that’s what we’ll learn on the second day of the conference….and we’ll also have the Presidential candidates’ speeches. DR will be back with a report tomorrow.