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Biden’s Counterpunch to GOP Gripes re Student Loans Nails Their Hypocrisy

Rarely in today’s political debates do Democrats throw such a well-targeted counterpunch as did the White House in response to Republican criticism of President Biden’s student loan forgiveness initiative. As Zoe Richards reports at nbcnews.com:

The White House hit back at Republicans in an uncharacteristic manner Thursday by using its Twitter account to go after GOP lawmakers who are bashing President Joe Biden’s move to cancel some student debt after they personally benefited from having Paycheck Protection Program loans forgiven during the Covid pandemic.

In a series of tweets, the White House highlighted several congressional Republicans — Reps. Vern Buchanan of Florida, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania, and Markwayne Mullin and Kevin Hern of Oklahoma — who it said had six- and seven-figure PPP loans forgiven as part of a federal program intended to help those harmed by the coronavirus.

They blundered right into that one. Richards shares some of the specifics:

Greene, who said on Newsmax that “it’s completely unfair” for student loans to be forgiven, had $183,504 in PPP loans forgiven, according to the White House….Kelly, who tweeted that Biden’s move was poised to benefit “Wall Street advisors” at the cost of “plumbers and carpenters,” had $987,237 forgiven, the White House said….Buchanan, who according to the White House had more than $2.3 million in PPP loans forgiven, tweeted that Biden’s move was “reckless” and a “unilateral student loan giveaway.”….The White House also highlighted criticism and PPP loan forgiveness amounts from Mullin (more than $1.4 million) and Hern (more than $1 million).

This provides an excellent and instructive lesson for all Democratic candidates in the art of the political counterpunch. Be prepared for attacks in advance, hit back soon and hard. And keep in mind that the permanent weakness of Republican politicians is that their fingers are never far from the cookie jar.

One comment on “Biden’s Counterpunch to GOP Gripes re Student Loans Nails Their Hypocrisy

  1. Victor on

    Biden needs to make Republicans look petty and out of touch. One are that is being ignored is housing.

    I would like to see the administration talk about how to fix the housing market, specially in a higher interest rate environment.

    The housing market is completely broken.

    If the incentive to build houses is related to low interest rates and their fluctuations then the market is pro-cyclical (at least on the supply side -which is the market is most broken-). Pro-cyclicality was supposed to have been fixed by financial reform, but really wasn’t.

    Builders (supplier) need incentives to continue building even during downturns because there is such a huge housing shortage. Those incentives could be designed for affordability and environmental performance.

    More importantly, buyers who qualified for a mortgage before a high interest environment should still qualify. Mortgage interest rates need to be divorced from financial speculation interest rates.

    Finally, the administration needs to take anti-trust action against corporations buying up rental housing. Prices in housing should be determined by real renters and real owners. What we are seeing is the expansion of the broken New York model of corporations owning and renting housing to the rest of the country.


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