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A Call for Activism to Pass the ‘Build Back Better’ Agenda and Elect More Democrats

In “Build Back Better Act is historic. Daily Kos has set up a historic campaign to pass it,” Paul Hogarth calls for for energized citizen activism to pass the Democratic infrastructure and social spending legislation and elect more Democrats in the midterms. As Hogarth writes:

President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda may be the largest and most substantive social legislation since the New Deal and Great Society.

Passing it will make transformative investments in jobs, the care economy (including child care and pre-K, the child tax credit, home care, and more), combating climate change, delivering relief for millions of immigrants, and much more. That’s why Daily Kos has put all of our resources to help make it pass.

Since March, Daily Kos has generated 1.81 million constituent lettersto House and Senate Democrats, over half a million petition signatures, and more than 35,000 constituent phone calls — all in support of a big, bold, and green measure that can reshape our country.

Throughout it all, we have focused on the issues and how this legislation will benefit millions of people. And it’s why we need you to keep contacting your members of Congress.

After it passes, the Build Back Better Act will aggressively fight climate change, cut child poverty, expand health care access, offer education opportunities, build affordable housing, provide for our child and elder care workers and help immigrants who work hard every day.

In a perfect world, Congress would pass each of these priorities in about 10 different bills that we could separately celebrate each passage. But because the Senate filibuster requires an impossible hurdle of 60 votes on anything, we had to stuff as much of the policy agenda into one budget reconciliation bill that can bypass Republican obstruction and become law.

Hogarth adds that “we refused to let the Build Back Better Act be defined by a dollar amount: what the bill accomplishes is what matters….What mattered most was what would be in the bill on a substantive policy level that helps people.”

Hogarth concludes, “We will fight hard to the bitter end to keep it as big, bold, and green as possible to deliver for the American people. And whatever we don’t get into the bill, we will fight to elect more Democrats in 2022—and repeal the filibuster in the Senate.”

One comment on “A Call for Activism to Pass the ‘Build Back Better’ Agenda and Elect More Democrats

  1. Trakar Shaitanaku on

    The DNC should have worried about Progressive and popular support before they killed everything worth supporting by gutting the BBB leaving it nothing but a corporate giveaway of the people’s agenda and turned it into a sweetener of the already corporate focused “bipartisan” screw the people bill.
    The people and the Progressives who support the people no longer have any reason to support the Dem party now, in 2022, or in 2024, and quite possibly never again.
    This is the bed they have made and this is the bed the party will die upon.


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