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Gardner and Greenberg: The partisan polarization of the pandemic CVI tracking, wave 2: April 31-May 5

The following memo by Page Gardner of the Center for Voter Information and Stanley Greenberg of Greenberg Research & Democracy Corps is cross-posted from DCorps:

The Tea Party-Trump Republican Party was forced to lead the country’s response to the pandemic and that accelerated the polarization of the country and marginalization of the GOP — at a very high human cost. Donald Trump took leadership of a modern Republican Party shaped profoundly by the Tea Party revolt against Barack Obama, government health care, and immigration. They sought to gridlock government and polarize America. Now, Trump leads an anti-government party that has been forced to oversee the biggest expansion of regulation and government since World War II.

Trump has cheered governors opening up the economy and protestors liberating their states, and the country and some Republicans fear this will prove tragic.

Fully two-thirds of the country and half of Republicans reacted with horror to the anti-stay-at-home demonstrators who looked a lot like the Tea Party movement protest in 2009 and 2010. Over 60 percent are intensely negative and that leads into the effectiveness of the strongest attack this poll tested against the president. It raised serious doubts for half the country, and left the Tea Party Republicans pretty isolated.

These findings come from the 2nd tracking survey sponsored by CVI, using 2,000 on-line interviews, weighted to match the baseline of mostly cell-phone surveys conducted over last two months.

And in states where Republicans have full control of the governorship and legislature, pro-Trump governors moved to open up their economies — led by Governor Kemp in Georgia, Governor DeSantis in Florida and Governor Abbot in Texas. Just 31 percent responded warmly to those governors, and 51 percent coolly, with about 15 percent unsure of what to make of them.

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