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Kilgore: Romney Campaign A.D.D. Puts Strategy on Hold

As the Romney campaign struggles to get back on message (i.e. liberate the mighty jobs creators with high end tax cuts and oodles of de-reg) following Mitt’s Middle East meltdown, Ed Kilgore’s “Still More Laser-like Focus on Jobs” at The Washington Monthly has some fun with the GOP ticket’s attention deficit disorder, noting:

So yesterday on the presidential campaign trail we saw the econo-manic campaign of the business genius Mitt Romney do two basic things: (1) sourly reject with nineteenth-century cliches a step by the Federal Reserve Board that had markets here and around the world leaping like happy puppies; and (2) reiterate even more loudly than before the contention that only the manly-man-ness of Mitt Romney can keep Americans safe.
…No mention of any details about those “bold, pro-growth policies,” although the upper-end tax cuts that is the lodestar of his and his party’s economic philosophy would “create wealth” all right, for those who are already wealthy. But it’s the ancient gold-bug “printing money” denunciation of monetary stimulus that’s most striking, reflecting a world view in which high interest rates are considered a good thing and all seven deadly sins are inflation. Not exactly the hallmarks of a campaign looking high or low for ways to boost jobs.

Kilgore adds that “the Romney campaign is so locked down on tactical day-to-day maneuvering that it’s lost sight of any coherent strategy or rationale-for-candidacy, as the days quickly pass.” Read the rest of Kilgore’s post right here.

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