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A Forum on Our Political Future at ‘Democracy’

Tired of all the campaign 2012 jabber? Take a peek at America’s longer-range (12 year horizon) political future at Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, where some of America’s top political visionaries share their insights in a forum on “Decision 2024: Our Parties, Our Politics.”
Included in the forum are: “Demography and Its Discontents” by Ruy Teixeira; “Can the GOP Evolve?” by David Frum; “The Browning of America” by Gary Segura; “The Center Must Hold” by Christine Todd Whitman; “Yes, Labels!” by Nancy L. Rosenblum; “The Millennials Grow Up” by Andrew Baumann & Anna Greenberg; “The Importance of Philosophy” by Felicia Wong; and “The Coming Resource Wars” by Kevin Drum.
A couple of teasers from the editors’ introduction:

…Being Democracy, we told them not simply to tell us–and you–that this demographic would have more electoral power, or that interest group might shift allegiances. We asked them all to describe the impact such changes would have on governance and policy-making.
Electoral demographer Ruy Teixiera, one of the country’s leading experts in this field, espies a progressive opportunity created by new demographic realities–but only if we shift our economic policy priorities from security to opportunity. The writer David Frum sees a Republican opportunity in the years ahead, but only if the party becomes more like conservative parties in other countries. Gary Segura of Stanford argues that that the growing Latino population will move our politics to the left and force the GOP to make some tough choices…Pollsters Andrew Baumann and Anna Greenberg take up the issue of young voters and find that while they are in general more liberal and will shift our politics leftward, they may well force the Democrats to change their posture on a bedrock progressive issue. Felicia Wong of the Roosevelt Institute worries that the middle class will keep sinking, and calls on progressives to articulate first principles more effectively to keep that from happening.

As pivotal as the 2012 elections are to America’s future, it’s also important that we mine the insights of the nation’s more perceptive political visionaries about the longer haul. This Democracy forum is a good start.

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