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Two Down

Even as a vast number of potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates continue to defy the usual rules of the cycle calendar by refusing to move towards formal declarations of candidacy, at least we are getting some definition of the field by the occasional statement of definitive non-candidacy. First, last month, was Mike Pence, who decided he’d rather run for governor of Indiana. And then yesterday came the announcement by South Dakota Sen. John Thune, whose prospective candidacy appeared to be based on his non-offensiveness to any major conservative faction, his looks, and his proximity to Iowa.
Thune was also one of those possible candidates whose support seemed to be centered among Republican insiders and gabbers disenchanted with better-known figures like Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich. Tim Pawlenty or Sarah Palin. Said insiders and gabbers will now likely shift their affections to the remaining Dark Horse Saviors like Haley Barbour (who spent yesterday in Des Moines), Mitch Daniels or (though he has repeatedly said he won’t run) Chris Christie. Hope springs eternal in the mover-and-shaker breast.

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