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NH Post-pourri

The Boston Globe‘s Susan Milligan reports on the growing influence of a key group in today’s election — New Hampshire’s young Democrats.
Bob Benenson has a post at CQ Politics highlighting key demographic differences between Iowa and New Hampshire, in terms of what it might mean to the candidates.
L.A. Times reporters Maeve Reston and Doyle McManus address the battle for win the hearts and minds of NH Independents.
Katharine Q. Seelye has a New York Times story on the ad war in NH, with quantitative comparisons of different campaigns and discussing the power of ‘word of mouth’ vs. TV ads.
Justin Wolfers has a Wall St. Journal piece on the “prediction markets” and NH. with a few thoughts on the Granite State’s disproportionate power as a state that provides 1 percent of the delegates to national conventions, but a huge, arguably pivotal, measure of influence.
E. J. Dionne, Jr.’s WaPo op-ed “A Candidacy’s Prose and Cons” provides a perceptive commentary comparing the messaging skills of Obama and Clinton.
Ariel Sabar has a Christian Science Monitor article about the remarkable transformation of NH into a gorgeous shade of blue, led by “the leftward drift of Independents,” no less.

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