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After Labor Day

Although Autumn doesn’t officially begin for another two-and-a-half weeks, Labor Day is semi-officially the transition from Vacation Time to the resumption of school, work, and serious politics. On the last point, I intend to blog regularly from now until November about the midterm elections. It is shaping up as a great year for Democrats across the board, and I personally think the abandonment of the all-politics-is-local GOP congressional strategy in favor of a classic Rovian attack on godless pacifist Democrats may well backfire. I may also comment now and then on another obsession: college football. My Georgia Bulldogs won a tune-up game against I-AA Western Kentucky on Saturday, but next week will have to go to Columbia, South Cackalacki to take on the Old Ball Coach, whose Gamecocks shut out Mississippi State in their first contest. Most Georgia fans don’t want to admit it, but Steve Spurrier had a lot to do with the Dawgs’ SEC title last year, mainly because of his upset win over his alma mater, the Florida Gators. This year, the Roosters are legitimate SEC East contenders. Beating them at home would be satisfying in terms of tormenting Georgia’s ancient enemy in the smirk and the visor. But it would also help replicate last year’s dynamic of forcing Spurrier to knock off Tennessee and Florida to complete a successful season. I’m glad Labor Day has come and gone, and look forward to the real autumn season when the heat and humidity retreat and the turning leaves remind us all of the passing nature of life, and its perennial beauty.

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