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SurveyUSA Polls Show Close WH Race in Key Swing States

A series of polls of LV’s conducted September 19-22 by SurveyUSA show:
Kerry ahead by 10% in Michigan and 5% Washington State
Bush ahead by: 1% Maine; 4% Iowa; 13% Tennessee and 1% Oregon.

Dead Heat in New Democracy Corps Poll

John Kerry and George Bush are tied at 49 percent of nation-wide LV’s, with 1 percent other in a poll conducted Sept. 19-21 by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research for Democracy Corps.

Kerry Holds Narrow Lead in Economist Poll

John Kerry leads George Bush 46-45 percent of nation-wide RV’s, with 1 percent for Nader in an Economist/YouGov Poll conducted Sept. 20-22.

New WSJ/NBC News Poll Shows Tight Race

Bush leads Kerry 48-45 percent among nation-wide RV’s, with 2 percent for Nader, 1 percent for none/other and 4 percent unsure, according to a Wall St. Journal/NBC News poll conducted Sept. 17-19.

Kerry Up by 8 in Washington State Poll

John Kerry leads George Bush 49-41 among Washington State RV’s, with 2 percent for Nader and 8 percent unsure, according to a poll conducted Sept. 17-20 by Ipsos-Public Affairs for The Columbian.