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Kerry Sweeps Debate Polls

Respondents choices on who won the 1st Presidential debate:
Kerry beat Bush 43-28 percent uncommitted voters, with 29 percent chosing a tie. – Knowledge Networks for CBS News
Kerry beat Bush 45-36 percent among debate viewers, with 17 for tie. Kerry won independents by 20-point margin – ABC News poll
Kerry beat Bush 53-37 percent of RV debate viewers with 8 percent for both, 1 percent neither, 1 percent no opinion – CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll

Harris Poll: Statistical Tie on Eve of Debate

George Bush leads John Kerry 48-46 percent among nation-wide LV’s, with 3 percent for Nader, 2 percent for none of these and 2 percent not sure/refused, according to a Harris Interactive Poll conducted 9/20-26.

LA Times Poll: Bush Ahead by 4 As Debates Begin

Bush leads Kerry 49-45 percent of nation-wide RV’s, with 6 percent undecided, according to a Los Angeles Times Poll conducted 9/25-28.

Kerry, Bush Tied in New Economist Poll

John Kerry and George Bush are dead even at 46 percent of nation-wide RV’s, with 2 percent for Nader in a new Economist/YouGov Poll conducted 9/27-9.

New Study Targets Key Groups for Kerry Gains

John Kerry can make major gains among key demographic groups of discontented white voters: women blue and pink collar workers; rural voters; those under age 30; and senior women, according to a study of post-Labor Day polls by Democracy Corps reported 9/28. The study also identified other demographic groups Kerry should target for significant gains.

Single Women: Put Domestic Concerns First

Unmarried women RV’s in 12 of the 16 swing states say Jobs and the economy, affordable health care and education are more urgent priorities than the situation in Iraq and believe that John Kerry does a better job of addressing these issues, according to a survey by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research for Women’s Voices conducted 9/8-19.

New IBD/CSM/TIPP Shows Dead Heat in Race for White House

Kerry and Bush are tied at 44 percent of nation-wide RV’s, with 11 percent unsure, according to an Investor’s Business Daily/Christian Science Monitor/TIPP Poll conducted 9/22-27.

Pew Research Center Has Bush Up 3, Then 8 in Two New Polls

Bush leads Kerry 45-42 and 48-40 in two polls of nation-wide RV’s conducted 9/17-21 and 9/22-26 respectively by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.

WAPO-ABC News Poll: Bush Ahead by 7

Bush leads Kerry 51-44 percent among nation-wide RV’s, with 2 percent for Nader, 2 percent other/neither and 2 percent no opinion, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted 9/23-6.

Kerry Gains on Bush in Time Poll

Bush leads Kerry 48-44 among nation-wide RV’s in a new Time magazine Poll conducted 9/21-23. (Bush was up by 12 among RVs in Time’s poll 2 weeks earlier).